Artist bio



Splash Mullah is an American rapper and songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. Mullah’s interest in rapping began when he was in high school, inspired by the musical acts and mixtape DJ’s while hanging out at famed Jacksonville nightclub, Cool Runnings. Arrested at the age of 16, his music aspirations were cut short. However, Splash Mullah began making music during his 25-year imprisonment where he wrote songs and organized performances for his prison band. Writing music became an escape from his surroundings and an opportunity to express his journey through lyrics.

Splash Mullah started recording music immediately upon release from the Florida Department of Corrections in April of 2021.  As an independent artist, Splash Mullah writes and produces his own music ranging from smooth R&B to hardcore hip-hop – creating a unique brand for himself. His versatility is showcased through his first singles “Your Love”, an R&B ballad, and “Options”, a gritty portrayal of the artist’s personal experiences. Fueled by his relentless pursuit and “failure is not an option” attitude, he has established himself as one of the talents to watch out for in the music industry.